Different Types Of Pizza

There is no idea of which country invented pizza but one thing that is known it’s that it’s the most popular in so many countries. Though one thing that hard for people that want to have pizza is the so many varieties that are available. If you want to implement pizza in your joint and you have no idea of the varieties, then it can be somehow hard. There are different types of pizza, but there are once that are commonly eaten. So if you have an idea of the best one and what people like then it won’t be that hard to decide. You can visit foodora.fr/cuisine/livraison-pizza-lyon for the different types of pizza. Here is a list of different types of pizza.

Neapolitan pizza


It’s one of the original pizza that was first introduced back in the 18th century in Italy. It was mostly purchased because the citizens of the seaside thought of it as cheap food and they could eat it quickly if someone were in a hurry. It was made with tomatoes, oil, cheese and the garlic. It was always readily available and was too affordable too. It’s thinner, and it will not be able to handle so many toppings. And when you are eating this pizza you have to use the knife and folk because of its thin nature.

Chicago pizza

It’s a deep dish pizza, and as the name suggest the pizza was first introduced in Chicago. It’s different when it comes to the Neapolitan pizza it’s not thin, but it’s so thick. Even the ingredients that were used in the pizza were reversed. The topping of the pizza is the mozzarella lining, followed by the meat, crushed tomatoes and then the vegetables. You will notice that so many pizzas will have the tomatoes on top of the pizza, but when it comes to the Chicago pizza, the toppings will be underneath.

Sicilian pizza


The Sicilian pizza will also be referred as the sfincione pizza. It may seem a like with the Chicago pizza, but they are so different. The pizza will be square shaped different for the circular shape that people are used too. It will also have a spongier consistency when compared with other pizzas. The toppings of this pizza will include the tomato sauce, herbs, and onions and then it will be the bread crumbs. It’s best served when there is a holiday like during the Christmas and the New York eve that’s where you will commonly see the pizza being served.