Insightful Tips On How To Go About Tree Removal


If you do not have any prior experience in cutting down a tree, do not attempt. Removing or cutting down a tree can be quite dangerous. It’s better left to the AK Timber Services who do this for a living. However, not everyone might be in a position to contact one of the specialists. At times you might be in a situation where you have no other alternative but to bring it down yourself. This article provides some advice on the procedure to follow to ensure all goes smoothly.

Tips on how to go about tree removal

How to get started

dgdgfdghfghgfhgfhFirst, ensure that you have the right set of equipment for the task. They should be in great working order. You can get a member of your family, friend or colleague to assist. They are best suited to help with directions when it comes to which direction the tree might fall. They can also assist just in case something goes wrong. Before starting the work, access the risk of the task at hand. If the risk is too great, you can always have someone else do it.

Procedure involved

Arrive at an accurate estimate of the tree’s height. Next, decide on which direction it should collapse too. Ensure that it does not interact with a power line, house or fence as it comes down. Carefully ensure there are no items on the surface in which it will collapse. Take a strong rope and tie it around its trunk right around the middle. Give a friend nearby the other end and ensure they keep off the fall zone.

Now you can cut a v-shaped notch on the tree towards the area that you want it to fall to. This should be right about the knee-height. Move to the opposite end and continue cutting as you approach the notch. Do not go all the way through. As the tree begins to jerk and eventually fall, you should have already moved to your safe zone. If it still doesn’t fall, with the help of a friend pull it till it collapses.

Equipment required

Safety glasses – Despite being overlooked as unnecessary,
the value of their importance manifests itself when a flying debris gets into your eye. In worst case scenarios it has resulted in serious eye damage.

Leg protection – When cutting the tree knot, the saw might kick out and injure the person cutting in the leg. If you do not have knee-high safety boots, using leg protection is the only other alternative.

Test rope – The rope in question should be roughly three times longer than the tree you are cutting. This is one of the best safety backups in case anything goes wrong.

gfhgfhgfhgfgfgfhChainsaw – Without the chainsaw, it would be difficult to cut through the strong tree trunk. The chainsaw should ideally be running on 3.5 horsepower. This force is sufficient enough to get the job done. A 20-inch bar is also required as it clearly indicates the depth in which the saw’s blades are capable of penetrating the tree trunk. Usually, 20 inches is suitable enough.