Services provided by end of tenancy cleaners

Most of us don’t like cleaning, and in most cases we find ourselves postponing until it gets hard to work on the dirt. Hiring professional cleaners can be quite costly, but it could be the only solution if you are looking to get perfect results.Here are some of the services provided by the end of tenancy cleaners.

Window cleaning


Professional end of tenancy cleaners are experienced in domestic and commercial window cleaning since they take advantage of innovative technologies to maintain an impeccable health and safety record. Also, they will clean and wash everything from a towering office block to a small front shop. Clients are provided with a method statement as well as the risk assessment to ensure that all the health and safety guidelines are adhered to.

It’s important for business and homeowners to understand that height of the building plays a huge role in the method of window cleaning to be used. For instance, traditional with ladders is a method employed if the cleaners are working on recently vacated local business or small shop front. Reach and wash is perfect for buildings that are between 20 to 60 feet since it requires no scaffolding or ladders.

Post construction cleaning

When tenants move out of residential or commercial buildings, the interior is usually tampered with, and after the necessary renovations have been done, the building will always be dirty and untidy. Therefore, employing the services of the end of tenancy cleaners will ensure that your home or business premises are ready for habitation.

Most cleaners adhere to the health and safety guidelines as well as the safe contractor legislation to make sure that there are no mishaps during and after the work is complete. Some of the post construction cleaning services include mopping, vacuuming, and repolishing of the hardwood floors as well as wiping down and cleaning signage and railings.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the common methods employed by the end of tenancy cleaners since it gives remarkable results and can quickly turn upholstery furniture or dirty carpet into a great looking one. The tenancy cleaners also employ steam cleaning machines to clean specific surfaces that have tough stains.

Specialized attention


Additionally, some of the carpets and areas covered by the carpet could have growth and the cleaning experts ensure proper deodorization, treatment, and sanitation of such areas as well as the carpets left behind in a residential or commercial building. You shouldn’t have to overlook the services provided by these experts since they have the right products, machines, and expertise that is required for the job.