How to Rip a DVD

The entertainment industry has all rights to intellectual property. Therefore, if you buy a DVD, you should be free to do whatever you want with it as long as you do not redistribute the material in a manner that is unauthorized. In this post, you will learn about DVD ripping and how to do it. You can follow these steps to rip a Blu-ray or DVD so that you can enjoy watching movies on your mobile device, gaming console, or computer. The following are steps to follow.

Download Software

dvdYou should download a proven program that can help you defeat the copy protection policy. In this case, you should compare a wide range of products and read all disclosures carefully. Besides, you should look for non-biased reviews. This will help you choose the right product. It is advisable to choose software that provides a free trial. This will give you an opportunity to try it before purchasing it.

Insert the DVD into Your Computer

If your computer has multiple drives, choose a drive that has the DVD you want to rip on the computer screen. Copy the content of the DVD onto the media server or hard drive of your computer. After this, you should explore the content. Choose a folder named as VIDEO_TS. Drag it to your preferred location. This marks the end of basic ripping. Ideally, you do not require transcoding unless you need to shrink the file or view on your mobile device.

Download the Transcoding Software

Nowadays, you can find several free options. You can carry out research on a search engine. Ensure you choose a program that has presets for a wide range of platforms that include gaming consoles and iOS. Using the transcoding software open the DVD source. The good thing about transcoding software is that it can scan for chapter markers and titles. However, most programs cannot choose the right titles. In this case, you should check it manually.

Choose the Destination

dvdsYou need to choose where the movie should go. Most programs will show you a destination tab. You can click on the tab and select the location where to save the file. You can save your file as a shared file. Navigate to the folder you want and save it there.

Tweak the Soundtrack

You can decide the preserve the original soundtrack. Before you change the soundtrack, ensure you have its backup.