Tips to Consider When Choosing a Church

A lot of people argue that there is no perfect church. It is also true there is also no perfect person. When sinners get an opportunity to work together; whether in families or churches, disappointment and conflict will arise. Notwithstanding the flaws, God has made us work with one another for the church. However, how can you find the right churches in houston? The following are some qualities to look for in a church.

Does it Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

man praying in churchIt is easy to tell what matters to the church by emphasizing all that is spoken from the pulpit, displayed on the walls, and discussed by the church members. For instance, you can find churches that are all about music, and others focus on their heritage, and even some on political activism. Paul says in Corinthians that he is only determined to know nothing among the people except Jesus Christ.

Sound Biblical Doctrine

You can quickly get an idea of what your church believes by studying its confession of faith or the doctrinal statement. Moreover, you ought to listen to what is taught and preached to see whether it is standing firm on the biblical doctrine. The truth is that a lot of churches have strayed from the biblical heritage. The church ought to be clear about salvation and also affirm that the Bible is the word of God. In addition, it should be the sole authority for practice and faith.

Is the Bible Preached Faithfully Every Week?

A faithful preacher ought to preach only the word of God. This is because it is God’s sole authority. He or she should teach all of the Word according to Acts 20:27, including the complex parts about the wrath of God against sin. He or she should not just merely encourage, but also rebuke and reprove sin. The faithful preaching should be grounded in the true gospel of Jesus Christ.


churchYou should check whether the worship is God-centered. Remember that it is God we ought to please during our worship. God wants people to worship Him in spirit. This means that you should worship God from the heart and sincerely and in truth. Therefore, not all worship is accepted by God. Even in the Old Testament, God directed how He should be worshipped. In addition, the New Testament reveals how to worship God.
The above are some of the qualities to look for in a church. Also, check whether the leaders are mutually accountable and biblically qualified.