A Small Guide To Bongs


Since their invention, water pipes or more commonly known as bongs have come a long way. The smoking culture today is vibrant among the youth. In fact, it is difficult to come across a young person who has no remote idea of what bong is. Today bongs are common among herb smokers. Any avid user can point them out without any second doubts. Bongs are quickly recognizable for their large open pipes, which continue into a water chamber that connects to an inlet where smoke is drawn in.


With every passing day, new intuitive bong designs surface to dominate the market. If we go back into history, the bong has been in use for centuries, though in a different form. The desire to enjoy smoking is insatiable among humans. The actual origin of where the bong came about is debatable.

How Do I Use A Bong


XCZXCZXCZXCIt takes one demonstration to master the concept. Your herbs are packed onto a special downpipe. This pipe is stationed right at its base then connects into the main pipe structure where the water is contained. The pipes intention is to keep one end of the down pipe submerged forcing smoke to filter through the water before getting into contact with your lungs.

Benefits Of Smoking With This Tool


There are many reasons as to why one would prefer smoking using bongs. The most notable response remains to smooth their smoking experience. Achieving this depends on the bong or water pipe used. By the smoke filtering through the water, the unwanted carcinogenic properties are extracted. The water also cools the smoke. You can rest assured that the smoke being inhaled is purer than that from a conventional smoking pipe. As more people discover the benefits of these alternative smoke methods, so does its popularity spread.

What Type Of Bongs Are Out There

There is a wide variety of bong sizes, colors, and designs today. You can purchase them online as well as the usual brick-and-mortar stores. The most commonly used bong design is the glass. Glass can be manufactured into different shapes. In addition, it can be decorated with unique colors making it stand out. As glass water pipes grow, the bongs innovate further. There are glass bongs that have ice notch fittings. Adding ice cubes is the unique selling point. The cooler your smoke, the smoother it gets. This makes the ice-notched glass bongs instant winners. All the unique features on bongs improve the smoking experience. Percolator bongs are showing up recently. They also filter the smoke thanks to the extra compartments where smoke rushes before entering your lungs.