On President Jonathnan’s incompetency

By Charles Ukaegbu

Fellow Nigerians, I salute!

It is feasible that 2012 will be a year of absolute dilemma, suffering, and distress for Nigerians, particularly the ordinary Nigerians. These problems though, will not be constrained to the removal of fuel subsidy or the inflated cost of petroleum and other associated commodities. It will also encompass a surpassing growth of ubiquitous kidnapping, armed robbery and slaying of victims, Boko Haram’s widening attacks, and many more. Thus, every Nigerian whether home or abroad, rich or poor, disabled or non-disabled, young or old, will be afflicted by President Jonathan‘s clumsiness in considering or  balancing the economic status of the citizens with the eradication of fuel subsidy. It is also palpable that Mr President is inept and confounded on ways to crush Boko Haram, and provide optimum security to Nigerians, and friends of Nigeria.

While Nigerians continue to live in apprehension as a result of Boko Harem’s increasing evil attacks, Mr President was bewildered on the subject of terrorism and war against terror. As the people mourned over the attack on Christians on Christmas day 2011, they cried and gazed at President Jonathan for comfort and protection. And as if that were not austere enough to instigate a total commitment to deep and reflective thinking in search of solutions, he turned his back on the people who elected him and inflicted more agony and torture, by eradicating the fuel subsidy without any intelligible debate or consideration on the subject matter, causing additional suffering to Nigerians.

Thinking about it, had it been Nigeria was not a failed state, President Jonathan would have lost the right to rule Nigeria because, at this stage, he is unable to secure the welfare and security of the people of Nigeria. This is Pursuant to section 14 (2) (b) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which stipulates that, ‘the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government’.  In relation to national economy, section 16 (1) (b) goes further to suggest that  the government shall, ‘control the national economy in such manner as to secure the maximum welfare, freedom and happiness of every citizen on the basis of social justice and equality of status and opportunity’.

However, since Mr President lacks the adequate dexterity to secure the protection of our people, and since he has willfully shut his eyes to the cries of multitudes of suffering Nigerians, then he should resign amicably, and if he is not prepared to do so, the National Assembly should then implement the power vested on them under section 143 of the Constitution, to impeach him. Have we forgotten that the constitution empowered the National Assembly to ‘make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Federation’?

For goodness sake, majority of Nigerians are abysmally furious since the removal of fuel subsidy. Isn’t President Jonathan aware of the provisions of Section 14 (2) (a) of the constitution which stipulates that ‘sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government derives all its powers and authority’? , or did he choose to ignore this authority?

It is evident that President Jonathan has no intention to ease the sufferings of those who elected him by going ahead to remove the fuel subsidy. What Mr President has done was to exasperate series of strikes, rallies, and uncontrollable riots that could lead to unwarranted deaths. Millions of Nigerians across the nation are preparing for a massive protest against President Jonathan’s unconscientious action.

There is no doubt Nigerians are aggravated, and they are hurting due to President Jonathan’s incompetency. But let us not forget that the issue of Boko Haram’s terror is still unresolved. The truth is that Boko Haram like any other terrorist group remains committed to inflicting mass casualties. While our nation is in disarray, and many people propose a mass protest, we must be aware that Boko Haram does not give warnings, and may attack in crowded public places at any time.

It will be strenuous to dictate Boko Haram in any crowded place because they can easily conceal themselves within the crowd. While it may be possible to dictate them by the tools of their trade, there might be no time to act promptly, and individuals who may be exercising their right to protest can be easily cut up.

It is extremely difficult to figure out what runs in the minds of Boko Haram and its members especially now Nigeria is in chaos. Sometimes I wonder how a human being can enjoy taking his life and the lives of fellow human beings. Nigerians should be acquainted that Boko Haram will not back out, and as such, while we carry out protests against President Jonathan’s removal of fuel subsidy, the practical difficulty in providing security at any crowded places, makes it easier for Boko Haram to carry out their evil attacks.

Unfortunately, all our sorrows and agonies are engendered by President Jonathan’s incompetency. President Jonathan has shown no remorse whatsoever to the cries of the people, instead of directing his attention to their plight, he imprudently carried out the will of IMF and the World Bank. Does he think that there is no rational basis for his government to support the poor and less privileged? Is he bird-brained not to realise that one of the aims of the government is to protect the poor and the vulnerable members of the society?  I hereby remind President Jonathan that since he has failed to protect the well-being of the ordinary Nigerians, then the people have every right to oppose his policies and question his competency as a leader, pursuant to section 40 of the constitution.

Nigeria has gone a long way with zero success due to bad government. In her speech; Nigeria towards a new future, the US Secretary of State Mrs Clinton, reminded Nigerians that the level of poverty in Nigeria has risen from 46% to 70% over the last 30 years due to corruption and bad governance. She went on to quote the World Bank, stating that Nigeria has lost over 300 million dollars as a result of corruption among leaders. If President Jonathan thinks that the people will be gullible to believe his bogus plans of improving the economy, he should think again, because the people strongly believe that the removal of fuel subsidy is a strategy to once again loot the Nation’s economy. President Jonathan’s predecessors are all looters, and do you think he is the saint among them? I don’t think so.

As we cry to God for help, and as we carry out our right to protest, let us not forget that President Jonathan’s priority was the removal of fuel subsidy rather than find a solution for demolishing Boko Haram, and providing utmost security for the People. To that effect, Boko Haram like any other terrorist group remains committed to inflicting mass casualties, and may devilishly carry out their attacks in crowded public places, perhaps during protests. May God help Nigeria!

One thought on “On President Jonathnan’s incompetency

  1. sonsofjudah maccabee

    The so-called president has portrayed himself as the greatest moronic leader Nigeria has ever had,he fiddles while his fiefdom flames up.Be it known now and forever that if and when during any fuel subsidy protest hencefort,any NIGERIAN IS KILLED,OR BOKO HARAM STRICKES IN THESE PROTESTS,JOHNATHAN SHALL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE AND LIABLE.

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