Tweet photos: Nigerians protest fuel subsidy removal

Photos from rallies against fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria, which has caused an increase in petrol prices have become viral on social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.  Latest report from trade unionist protest in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, indicates that daily activities in volatile areas of the cities have been suspended due to roads closures by protesters, while security agents were seen patrolling the city to maintain law and order.

The federal government on Monday set-up a negotiating committee chaired by former Chief Justice of Nigeria Justice Alfa Belgore “to meet with organized labour and all other stakeholders to resolve issues that may arise from the removal of the subsidy on petrol.”

Meanwhile, first casualty from the protest was recorded in Ilorin, in Nigeria’s middle belt region.  A middle age man was reported to have been shot at by a police officer, while controlling a group of protesters. The protester was reported dead at the scene.




2 thoughts on “Tweet photos: Nigerians protest fuel subsidy removal

  1. abiodun

    Can u pple reason,subsidy or kw subsigy we said NO 2 it.kust wanna let u kw dat dis so call govtment are not better than majority in nigeria.WHY must we low mass suffer 4 everythg.can u imaging what an average man use in feeding per day[2dollar]why dis so thief use per year[1billion]while per day[2.7million]can u imagine dat.dis so call ppl are selfship

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