U.S. Trade mission to Nigeria schedule for March

By Nigerians  Abroad news wire

The U.S. Department of Commerce will embark on this year “multi-sector trade mission” to Nigeria starting from March 8, 2011.

The trade mission will attract businesses and organizations from the United States to Lagos and Abuja and help facilitates networkings and meetings among business people in information & technology, energy, health care, transportation and construction sectors.

With democracy taking root in Nigeria - Africa’s largest market - and the economy witnessing steady growth - 7.85 percent in 2010 -  many economy observers have identified Nigeria as a fertile market for investors.

“Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa and has one of the continent’s fastest growing economies, creating a significant demand for infrastructure development in that country,” said Mr. Josiah Osibodu, President Osibodu & Associates Exporting USA, LLC in a press release made available to Nigerians Abroad news wire.

Osibodu & Associates is a broker firm dedicated to exporting U.S. manufactured goods such as construction building products, commercial fertilizers, and other commodities to companies in Nigeria, West Africa.
Mr. Osibodu identifies his  company’s unique positioned to facilitate transactions through built relationships with Nigerian importers, U.S. manufacturers and freight forwarding companies as its advantage.
The trade mission is part of President Obama’s National Export Initiative designed to stimulate U.S. businesses and foster new business relationship across the Atlantic.

As a major exporter of oil to the United States, Nigeria has become an important focus for the National Export Initiative, as they seek to improve the export / import trade between the two countries. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce in 2010, Nigeria and the United States had a trade deficit of nearly $24 billion, up from $15 billion in 2009.

While in Nigeria, Osibodu will unveils his Florida based company’s plans to maximize export / import opportunities to West Africa from United States.

“Enhancing the export / import relationship between the United States and Nigeria is the primary goal of Osibodu & Associates. With employees of both American and Nigerian cultural backgrounds, the organization has a wealth of business knowledge specific to both countries,” the company’s mission states.

Osibodu & Associates Exporting USA, LLC, provides a seamless and transparent exporting process to both U.S based and international clients. The company identify sales opportunities for its U.S. clients and handle all their exporting requirements.

Osibodu & Associates focuses primarily on U.S. manufactured construction building products and agricultural fertilizers, and related commodities.


For more information on Osibodu & Associates contact Patti Nieto, [email protected]

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