Beauty queen Bianca Ojukwu appointed special assistant on diaspora affairs

Bianca Ojukwu appointed special assistant on diaspora affairs

Bianca Ojukwu (R) with Chief Emeka Ojukwu (m) Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi (L) at a function.

By Nigerians Abroad news wire

Former most beautiful girl in Nigeria and wife of ill Biafra leader, Chief Chukwuemeka Ojukwu has been appointed by President Jonathan as a senior special assistant on diaspora affairs.

On Wednesday, the presidency issue a statement announcing the appointment of Mrs  Bianca Ojukwo and three other persons – Hon. Kingsley K. Kuku as Special Adviser, Niger Delta Affairs,  Amb. (Dr.) Zakari Ibrahim as Coordinator, Anti Terrorism and Oyewole Olugbenga Leke as Senior Special Assistant, Maritime Services.

The appointment of Bianca comes less that a month after her husband was flown abroad to receive intensive medical care.

Both Bianca and Chief Ojukwu got married in 1994. Back in April, 2010, in an interview with the Daily Sun, Lagos based tabloid, Bianca admitted that the Biafran strongman and her started dating back in 1989, when she was just 22 and Ojukwu was 56.

Before her appointment, the beauty-queen runs a skin and beauty enterprise, in Enugu among other businesses. She has been quoted to have refused political offers from one of the south-east governors sometime last year.

“Being Ikemba’s wife is a job on its own. These are issues that are being constantly discussed. Right now my prerogative is my husband and my family. I have a very young family. I don’t want a situation that would have my attention divided. Bianca OjukwuI would like to help determine the path that my children would take. I would like to be instrumental to raising and shaping their lives,” Bianca said.

Although the former Miss Intercontinental used to practice law, her appointment as assistant to the president on diaspora affairs has generated mixed opinions among Nigerians abroad.

The generality of Nigerians surveyed see her appointment by President Jonathan – who  is contesting the presidential election less than three month from now – as a double-edged sword for the sole purpose of a political swing and Bianca’s needs to attend to family matters outside the country as oppose to official diaspora matters.

Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians live outside the country – largely in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and South Africa –  and contribute about $10billions yearly in remittance to the Nigerian economy.

Since the inception of democratic regimes in 1999, Nigeria’s national government has taken fairly robust steps to tackle many of the pressing issues that affect Nigerian citizens outside the country – this includes negative image, deportation, maltreatment and abuse of human rights, disenfranchisement, extortion and poor representation by some embassies and high commissions.

16 thoughts on “Beauty queen Bianca Ojukwu appointed special assistant on diaspora affairs

  1. Thanks mr president for the appointment of mrs ojukwu

    Thanks mr president for the appointment of mrs Bianca ojukwwu as your special assistant,good job sir.

  2. Awojobi Olakunle

    A shameful appointment, when she’s expected to be at husband bed side praying for recovery.Another waste of our national resources.Nigerians please vote out this visionless inexperience and insensitive leader.God bless Nigeria Amen.

  3. Segun Babalola

    As former head of state and commander in chief of Armed forces of Biafran nation, Ikemba by allowing Queen Bianca to take up presidential job as special assistant to the president himself means Ojukwu wants the Bianca to be in the hands of his fellow president for security reason
    in case if Eze Ndigbo is no more tomorrow. If this reason is justified,then MR Pres,idea is welcomed.

  4. Yolada M.


  5. BiafraSon

    The ‘Nkuchi’ At least Jonathan you should have allowed Ikemba to go in peace before taking over his wife! This is nothing but a way of snatching Binca from Ikemba in a disguise. Telll us how many years Bianca has lived in Diaspora to understand what living in Diaspora is all about?
    Get Real, what we need from you is not all these useless appointments, set up a machinery that will ‘peacefully’ dismantle that British evil called Nigeria!
    Remember the story of Aguiyi, (The fly the refuse to heed advice, ends up in the grave with the corpse)
    Leave Bianca ALONE for your own sake!

  6. Ik

    GOD is using President Jonathan to do the right thing.Congrats ma,your husband is my roll model.

  7. Akunna Jennifer

    I have admired Ojukwu since childhood, i still love and admire every and anything that comes from him. Congrates ma, u are my role model

  8. Njideka Ojukwu

    Biafrason,Awojobi Olabotom……Nigeria situation are affecting hungry Nigerians. how can people post their week syndrome on others page without re mos? u hardly know anything about this young lady and u conclude from Ur ignorance. that why many Nigerian will be hungry forever be cos they so dwell in ignorance!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don’t know and care not to. Big fool u have no level with my lady tell ur mother all that.

  9. Jongasket

    A well DESERVE apointment, ojukwu deserve every respect nd honour giving 2 him by right thinking nigerians,wel done mr president

  10. Marteezo xsnip

    Congratulations ma, on ur appointment! Bst move ever by mr president.Their must always b haters but we d born biafran bloods apreciates it alot because,we c d reason inside. May God bless,protect nd guide u ma thru out ur stayin in office.

  11. Folake

    awojobi you are a disgrace to men! how does it matter to you what goes on in this woman and her husband’s family? you only sound like a retard, i dont believe anyone would be that stupid! but then judging from the name, you are a westerner, most yoruba men have no respect for their woman anyway! People like you will no doubt leave your wife grounded and make sure she does not get anywhere near the public eye.
    by the way, i am a western woman but i have the highest respect for men from the east.I only wish others will take a cue from them. That is why they are where they are today. God bless Bianca and may Ojukwu RIP

    Just my opinion, no offence intended!

  12. Name (required)

    What is wrong with some people that cannot see good in what people that are better than them do. What is wrong in given the woman d appointment, Biafran boy or whatever he called himself said how long has she stays abroad, forgoting she was a beauty Queen. Well! Freedom of speech, congrats my lady

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