Opportunities Are In Our Hands


Opportunities are all around us depending on the view we have of life. As is our human nature, we are never satisfied with what we have or where we are. We are constantly in search of something ‘better’ that will suit our current positions. Whether it is about our jobs or studies, we find ourselves always on the move for one main reason; opportunity.

Little is known to us that we are the very bosses that we travel far and wide to look for. The big question in our minds is whether opportunities are available overseas or what are the advantages of living and working abroad? To be honest, we tend to deceive ourselves that grass is indeed greener on the other side. What we don’t keep in mind is that there are people who have worked hard enough to make sure that the grass stays green. We are no different from them and also have what it takes to change our own destiny.

Opportunities are all around us

hjdhd784Contrary to popular beliefs, opportunities are everywhere including where we are situated. All we have to do is change the mindset that we have been holding on to for so long. The sooner we do this is the sooner things will turn around in our favor. We can’t deny the fact that most of us have gotten some pretty good breaks overseas. Things don’t always work out the same way for all of us, some of us have gone an extra mile and blamed it on providence.

We have seen, heard of or come across people who saved every last penny they had just to travel abroad. The sad bit is that they came back in an even worse shape than they were before and couldn’t blame it on anyone else but themselves.

The point is, we have to open our eyes and smell the coffee. No one in this world has the power to chart our destiny but ourselves. We do this by welcoming anything that crosses our path instead of dismissing it like we are used to.

We are endowed with unique gifts

jhjhd874Whether you decide to look for opportunities overseas or try to find them at your current location, your unique gifts will bail you out. It is a proven fact that succeeding abroad is only in our minds. It is up to us to change this or we will find ourselves drowning in the sea of ignorance.

The few cases that we have heard of people prospering is simply because they refused to be tied down by circumstances. This line of thought can be likened to a type of cancer that is only out to drain us and eventually kill us. The worst part is that some of us leave our countries which are preciously endowed only to work under someone else’ supervision.

We should think of moving abroad as a final resort and not first. Exhausting all our resources is the only way that we are going to open our eyes and see that we are viable. It is not easy to have it all completely exhausted, but we can cling to our wisdom and see that what we have left is replenished for future use.

What Are The Challenges Of Living Abroad?

There are some problems or challenges which face people who are living overseas. This article is going to highlight some of the challenges faced by expatriates. Some of the challenges facing these people can end up ruining their lives. The main issues facing expatriates include

Housing problems

Leaky water pipes, crumbing and undone repairs are some of the problems associated with housing. This problem is common with beginners who cannot afford to pay for decent houses.

Unfamiliarity with the local legal requirements and processes

You will be faced with new idiosyncratic regulations and rules when purchasing property in the foreign nations. Some of these rules might even turn into worse nightmare thereby ruining your life. You will also be faced with some tight rules when registering as a permanent resident in that country. You might be required to pay a hefty tax to obtain a national ID or even when setting up your social security system. The same might rules might cause you headaches when licensing your vehicle.

Getting acclimatized to the local weather

This is a common problem with faces people moving from low to high latitude areas and vice versa. You might experience some blazing temperatures which scorch everything within your sight or even make the outside conditions unbearable by becoming too hot. On the other hand, you are likely to experience extremely cold temperatures in the countries facing cold winters. This might catch you off guard especially if you are from the tropical areas.

Earning money

It might take you sometime before you start generating some money. You can imagine living in a place surrounding  by big hotels and beautiful place yet you are not having any source of income. This will probably add pressure on you. You are advised to opt for those avenues which will be sustainable.


Missing your friends family

Some people are faced with a strong feeling when they miss their families and friends who are at home. This problem might become worse if you are not gifted with making new friends easily. This might lead to loneliness. This might also force you to call back home more often than usual. However, the internet has made communication more effective.

People can easily get in touch with each other though chat and video tools such as Skype. You can also solve this problem by developing conversational and networking skills. These skills will help you in mingling with strangers and strike a conversation with them easily.

Effective Ways Of Solving Problems Facing Expatriates

Living as an expatriate is associated with numerous benefits. It can help you in broadening your spiritual, cultural and actual horizons. However, there are some downsides associated with living in a foreign country as a foreigner. There many people who have experienced numerous hurdles some of which outweighs the gains. This article is going to discuss some of the effective ways which will help you in overcoming these problems. Otherwise, these problems can ruin you stay when you are in a foreign country if they are not addressed in time. The following are some of the solutions for the different issues facing expatriates.

Coping with loneliness

You are likely to encounter some moments of loneliness after relocating to the overseas countries. This can great affect your stay even if you have travelled with your family. The feeling of loneliness will be caused by the unfamiliar environment which you are not accustomed to. If you have travelled to your place to the new country, you can solve this issue by creating some social contacts. This will make you feel settled and relaxed. If you happen to have travelled alone, then you should make some contact with your relative and friends back home.

This will help you assuming the new life. This problem can also be solved by building new networks of familiar faces, friends, colleagues and acquaintances in the new country which you are currently living. You should make an effort of creating new friends consistently. This will help in meeting new people and spending time with them.

The language barrier

This can become a major hurdle if you are interested in integrating with new people. Even though English is widely spoken and understood by many people, you might still be required to meet the local people and understand their language. The language barrier issue can only be solved through dedication and hard work. This can also be done by making some effort even before locating to the new country. You can learn a new language by taking lessons as well as insisting your colleagues speak to you in their local language. Alternatively, you can buy tabloid papers, baby books, and children’s magazines. These will help you in reading the new language easier.

Missing friends and family back home

This is a problem which is closed related to loneliness. Moving away from your familiar environment will make you miss your family members and friends. This can be solved by holding onto the positive reasons which made you migrate or move abroad. However, this can be resolved by maintaining close contact with your home friends as well as the family members. Nowadays, there are some applications such as webcam and Skype which will allow you to communicate with your friend and family members who are thousands of miles away.