Brazilian carnival and the Nigerian connection

By Nigerians Abroad staff writer

This year Brazil’s carnival did not failed to live up to its reputation as the world’s biggest party that attracts more than 700,000 tourist s from around the world - with a simple mission, to have fun!

In different cities and regions of the country, Brazilians spent their weekends by either participating as members of various parade groups led by the popular samba schools or as active spectators - who watch from near distances while they engage in other activities.

The history of the Brazilian carnival is rooted in what was once known as the lent festival - a Roman Catholic celebration that prepares Christian for the sacred 40 days fasting.

The festival itself was later influenced by the culture of African slaves and gave birth to samba - Brazilian dance and musical genres.

According to samba city online portal, “ The beginning of samba history came with African religion and the gradual evolution of music and the carnival festival, until the two were inseparable in Rio de Janeiro!

Politics, fashion, feelings, desire to go back to the roots, they are all factors in this complicated carnival game of how the samba came to be what it is today in Rio de Janeiro!”

Brazil is home to millions of Africans with direct tie to various ethnics such as the Yorubas - one of Nigeria’s major ethnic nation.

The yoruba community in Brazil is refers to as the Saros or Creaoles. Other Latin American country with significant population of Yoruba includes Cuba, Haiti and Trinidad.

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  1. emmanuel

    please when does the carnival takes place in Lagos or Abuja
    Am really interested to watch live and beside how can I get in touch with the Brazilian community in Lagos
    i would really love to be associated with them and if possible get a spouse
    I will really appreciate useful information in these regard
    Thanks and hoping to read from you soonest

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