Lagos settles for refurbished subway cars for its light rail project

Photo Credit: Lagos State Government

Nigerians Abroad news wire

The Lagos State government might have settled for the purchase of 15-year-old subway cars from the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to use on the city’s light rail mass transportation project now under construction.

Subway cars — equivalent of trains — are series of connected railroad cars used for intra city (urban) transportation, usually underground and operated by electricity.

Last week, key officials of the Lagos State government led by the governor, Babatunde Fashola, visited, Toronto, Canada to inspect facilities and numbers of used subway cars currently being operated by the city’s local transportation commission

The visit to Toronto, Canada’s most populous city, allows the governor to experience first hand, the operation of the city’s underground railway lines, which was first commissioned in 1954.

In December 2010, The City of Toronto unveiled its new fleet of subway cars that will replace the existing ones — being consider by Lagos.

An expert on the Lagos Light Rail project told that due to the high cost of buying new trains/subway cars, the state government has no choice but to settled for used ones.

So far, the Lagos light rail project has been marred by cost variation — between $1.12  to $30billion. This has prompted a governance monitoring group, Citizen Affairs, to called on the state government to publish details of projected overall cost of the ongoing project and regularly update stockholders on its development

According to information provided by the CPC, legal advisor to the Lagos State Government, on the project “The infrastructure will consist of 27km of double track, 13 passengers stations, and a 1250-metre 4-track bridge spanning the Osa lagoon and connection Lagos Island to the mainland. The Blue line will be the first of 7 light rail transit that will eventually comprise the Lagos urban rail network.”

Meanwhile Lagos governor, Fashola has reiterated his admission commitment to continue improving upon social and business infrastructure of the state in order to increase its rating as a strategic business  friendly city.


TTC subway cars -- to undergo refurbishment -- being consider by Lagos State government

New TTC Subway Cars -- Photo Credit: Toronto Star

11 thoughts on “Lagos settles for refurbished subway cars for its light rail project

  1. tony

    i realy thank governor fashola for his plan to eradicate the problem of transportation in lagos state.i love you and the people of your cabinet.God bless u all ameeeeen

  2. fawazy

    fashola is really working man..cant wait for the time he will purchase flying taxi cars.#mnnn.dont like the old train joor,it too dey get accident

  3. prince

    inrespective of your political party you belong to ACN governors are doing better than PDP governors intense of infrastural develoment in the state.i suggest the next president should come from ACN and should be between oshomule of EDO state and fashola of LAGOS state.

  4. Adebolu ileri

    Kudos to mr raji fashola.but i am however not in support of importing used cars into our new light rail scheme.lets get it right once and for all.

  5. Joseph

    I really do believe too that the first picture of the subway car is an incorrect picture. That is a T1 subway car and are NOT being sent for Lagos. That picture needs to be changed to an H5 or an H6 picture.

  6. Phil

    The first picture at the bottom of this article is NOT the train that will be sent to Lagos, this is a T1 train that the TTC will continue to use. The trains being sent to Lagos are the older H5 and H6 trains which have narrower doors and yellow or orange door frames, not red. They are also not handicap accessible.

  7. Alex

    I believe that most of the H6’s were converted to being handicap and wheelchair accessible, just about every H6 train I take have flip up benches.

  8. Stevyn

    That’s a T1 which is not being sent to Lagos. The H5 and H6 are the cars being purchased and taken abroad.

  9. ola

    the good governor of lagos will put the good work of his administration in bad light and leave a shadowy image of his good acheivement by bringing those Tokunbo coaches to lagos,Nigeria is definitely tiredly of used things.What is worth doing is worth doing well.Fashola ,it is time to place a ban on Tokunbo Items. South Africa did not import Tokunbo Coaches for their own rail lines.

  10. Alex

    That first picture above is a Bombardier T1 subway car, which will remain in service for the next 15-20 years, the subway cars that have been sold to Nigeria are the TTC’s older Hawker Siddeley H5 and H6 trains which are being gradually decommissioned as more of the new Bombardier Toronto Rocket cars enter service.

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