London police ordered to pay four Nigerian women over breach of human rights

Nigerians Abroad staff writer

A British high court sitting in London, on Friday, ordered the London Metropolitan Police to pay four Nigerian women sum of 5000 pounds each for failing to investigate allegations that they had been forced into slavery.

Compensation connect reports that “the Nigerian women, all in their mid 20s, had arrived in London as children and claimed they were beaten and emotionally abused by the families they were forced to work for.

The Met argued that it could not carry out an investigation because of the women’s failure to co-operate but the High Court dismissed their argument as “untenable” and said the women were “victims of the failure to investigate”.

Mr Justice Wyn Williams said in his judgment the Metropolitan Police “did nothing to commence an effective investigation”.

“Their names were known to the police, they wanted their complaints to be investigated,” he said, adding that “they were directly affected by the failure to carry out an effective investigation.””

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