NIGERIA: Riding on the surface of political war-zone

By Augustine E. Akhilomen

While millions of Nigerians will be fast asleep, snoring from their comfortable beds when night falls and at dawn, unloosing their arms and feet in readiness for the day’s activities, some marauding beasts pretending to be friends to the society, have overnight plotted horror and terror in tremendous proportions aimed at devastating and disorganizing the existing peace of our great nation, Nigeria without looking backward. They are relatively visible but are hiding under the umbrella of our politicians with massive confidence and motivation to soar high, irrespective of the security networks that will be positioned at every district of our country, because to them, desperation has become a curse and not a course meant to actualize their political ambitions.

From the usual political assassination to a new brand of trade, which has left tongues wagging and hearts beating hypertensive, as if one‚Äôs world is about kissing mother earth? As it is being said, that at the mention of the name ‘Bomb blast‚Äô every foot shall be on the run and every insect shall swing their wings in search of safety. This is gradually becoming a common phenomenon in our country, where virtually the country‚Äôs midnight bulldogs, have hijacked and held the nation to ransom.

In addition, the recent impoundment of containers loaded with sophisticated weapons and high explosive bombs in Apapa is an indication of what 2011 general elections hold for our dear beloved country called Nigeria, in which the rate at which the acquisition of weapons is increasing speaks volumes of an eventual threat to public peace. Although, the Nigerian security officials have drawn out plans to beef up security across sensitive centers where possible violent could ensue but then, how capable and prepared are they to face this joy-killers who will dwell in pretence in our midst? At the same time, I wish to also commend our security operatives for impounding such destructive weapons just like what President Goodluck Jonathan and his Vice President Mohammed Sambo said through the organisation‚Äôs Director of Media and Publicity, Mr. Sully Abu. “The Goodluck/Sambo Presidential Campaign Organisation has commended officials of the nation‚Äôs security services, the Police, State Security Service, Military and Naval intelligence, for the interception of an illegal arms shipment of rocket launchers, grenades and explosives at the Apapa Wharf in Lagos.

“By this interception, the Security services have saved Nigerians from mortal danger. It is obvious that the evil minds behind the importation of these arms have their sinister agenda.

No doubt this should send a sigh of relief to most Nigerians because the evil imbedded in this act of importation of weapons could have cost massive damages to our nation- a situation which would have made Nigeria terrible to live in just like those living in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq etc

However, I seem not to agree with the SSS Assistant Director of Public Relations, Mrs. Marylin Ogar’s, statement when she assured that all those involved in the importation of the arms and ammunition would be arrested. Now my question is, what if those involved in the arms importation are those political big guns in our society. What will be her stand? Sometimes we’ll just decide to be objective when faced by the media however, when the reality comes to play, we’ll turn otherwise thereby giving way for subjectivity.

Frankly speaking, 2011 general election would be a defining moment for the sustainability of ‘one Nigeria‚Äô because a lot of factors will work against us whether internally or externally for as long as we continue to encourage this illegal film show. Before I forget, prior to 2007 election, a particular political group campaigning through Mushin axis of Lagos allowed their members(of course Thugs) to display their weapons and to an extent started shooting sporadically to send fear and trepidation amongst their political opposition campaigning in that same axis- a situation which has now empowered and catapulted their new found profession.

Come to think of it, even the so called kidnapping and militancy could be associated to the life-line being given to these people after their follow-follow syndrome with no dividends, one in which the repercussion is what we are facing at this moment.

As if nothing has happened, they will still walk into the heart of most of our youths with the same evil ideology but due to the weightless Ghana-must-go  bags that they will derive from them, nothing positive becomes sensible to them again. The same set of people will be used as political dogs blessed with guns and highly explosive bombs, to chant their cause for agitation of governmental power come 2011.

Consequently, each Head of Security Service, should as a matter of importance, deploy ways on how they will be able to curtail this impending menace that is gathering wings rapidly in the sky, as they’ve previously assured us of protecting lives and properties. The reality of it may not be seen now not until when the unusual happens which will then force the leaders of all branches of our Security Service to draw up measures for proper security shake-up.

By and large, I hereby urge all well meaning Nigerians to resist any form of monetary intimidation and violence, in order to take the shine off irresponsible political juggernauts who are only there to create and maintain confusion while their own families are sleeping inside baskets full of wealth.

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