Acting IGP M.D. Abubakar: Another ‘chief security rogue’ in a failed system

By NAL staff writer

In September 2002, the Justice Niki Tobi Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the civil disturbance in Jos, Plateu State recommended the dismissal of M.D. Abubakar from the Nigerian Police Force for grave negligence of duty, but the Commission’s recommendation was never implemented.

The same Abubakar is now appointed as Nigeria’s acting security chief, at a time when national insecurity and unprofessional conducts by members of the Nigerian Police Forces pose an unprecedented threat to the country’s stability.

“The Commission recommends that for his ignoble role during the September, 2001 crisis which resulted in the loss of thousands of lives, among other losses, the former Commissioner of Police, Plateau State Command, Alhaji M.D. Abubakar, be advised to retire from the Nigeria Police Force, and in the event of his refusal to do so, he should be dismissed from the service. The Government should forward this recommendation to the Police Service Commission for consideration and necessary action,” the the Justice Niki Tobi Commission stated.

The appointment of Abubakar follows the forced retirement of Hafiz Rigim, the immediate former Inspector General of Police, as a result of the shocking escape of an Islamist terrorist  24-hour after his arrest. Kabiru Umar (alias Sokoto), a member of the notorious Boko Haram Islamist militia was accused of masterminding 2011 Christmas Day bombings that killed more than 40 people in the outskirt of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. The group’s latest assault caused the death of more than 160 Nigerians, mostly security agents, in the northern city of Kano on January 20.

The Nigerian State House in a news release on Wednesday announced that President Goodluck Jonathan “has approved the appointment of Mr. Mohammed D. Abubakar as Acting Inspector General of Police as a first step towards the comprehensive reorganization and repositioning of the Nigeria Police Force to make it more effective and capable of meeting emerging internal security challenges.”

“Born on May 5, 1958, Mr. Abubakar enlisted in the Nigeria Police Force on July 30, 1979. He was the AIG in charge of Zone 12 Headquarters in Bauchi, before his new appointment.”

But the Niki Tobi Judicial Commission was short of praises for the newly appointed acting IGP back in 2002. “The criticism of Alhaji M.D. Abubakar’s role in the crisis stems from the fact that apart from being a member of the State Security Council, he was at the helm of the Plateau State Police Command whose admitted primary and constitutional role is to provide security of life and property to the people of the State. He was accused variously of neglecting or even undermining this role with serious consequences for the government and the people,” the report affirmed.

READ Below: Justice Niki Tobi Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Jos civil disturbance and the recommended dismissal of M.D. Abubakar – Paragraph 18, Page 225


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7 thoughts on “Acting IGP M.D. Abubakar: Another ‘chief security rogue’ in a failed system

  1. Gideon Unom

    For the President to have appointed an indicted officer who played an ignoble role in an earlier crisis that resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and property to the highest security position is most disturbing. Did he not read the report that recommended the man’s dismissal? Or is he under threat to appoint that man or else. . . .? Or is he trying to act on the saying that if you want to have your property safe, make a thief the watchman? Or could it be that he has a joker up his sleeve that he plans to suprise Nigerians with? President Jonathan, please read that report and implement it as well as other security reports that have never seen the light of day! I hope that what seems to be a wrong step may be a blessing in disguise as it may lead to the unearthing of those reports buried in the archives and courageously implemented

  2. nooor

    u christians should know wat to say before u utter it..u just feel like u ar the only ones cheated when nigeria falls into any kind of calamity or watsoeva..this boko haram hav killed more muslims than the muslims from ur disgusting criticisms

  3. osas

    Well let’s look at it from 2 ways. if you want to really secure your property get a know thief as your security man, pay him well, and he will talk to his gangs, maybe settle them. on the other hand, it is possible the president lack wisdom in making crucial decisions. Has he ever gotten one right? Please help me tell him that he is writting his name on the history book of Nigeria, and history will judge him.

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