Nigerian diaspora group endorses Buhari - Bakare

Muhammadu Buhari, former Nigerian military ruler and presidential candidate for the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC)

By Nigerians Abroad news wire

A prominent Nigerian diaspora group based in Leicester, UK - Support Option A4 Group - has endorsed the candidacy of Muhammadu Buhari and his running mate Tunde Bakare under the banner of  the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) for the upcoming presidential election in April.

In a statement made available to, the group identifies 6 key reasons for the endorsement. This includes Buhari promise to remove immunity clause from the constitution, commitment to true federalism, his opposition to god-fatherism, the current government failure on national security, and the ruling party “romance with ex-convict” and threat to ‘national stability.’

On the controversial immunity clause the group says “Buhari has promised to facilitate the removal of immunity clauses from our constitution. Section 308 of the nation‘s 1999 constitution shields the President, his deputy, the governors and their deputies from criminal and civil prosecution during their term in office. With the removal of immunity clauses, The President, Vice Presidents, Governors, Deputy Governors etc can be prosecuted for civil or criminal offenses.”

In addition, the group’s press statement draws the attention of voters to numerous terror acts and political assassinations that continued to threaten lives and properties of  majority of Nigerians, and the inability of the PDP-led government to resolve any major crime, satisfactorily, over the past 11 years.

Buhari, a former Nigerian military head of state  -  from December 31, 1983 to August 27, 1985 - is widely admired by his supporters for his zero-tolerance on corruption.

Buhari will contest against incumbent president, Goodluck Jonathan of the ruling party - Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) - among other contestant, notably Nuhu Ribadu, former Nigeria anti-corruption agency boss.

Nigeria presidential election will be conducted on April 9

6 thoughts on “Nigerian diaspora group endorses Buhari - Bakare

  1. Blessed AOC Nwakpuda Topeka Kansas USA

    This is all BS journalism or what I may call the “Biafrian style kind of propaganda”…Buhari and the ferry cleric that he choose as his running mate cannot win the election this year because the greedy ACN folks as well as selfishness on the side of the opposition will not allow them to field in one candidate…so how can he win?…besides, he dismantled the democracy of Shagari,most of the power brokers from the North does,nt trust him… actually they have not forgiven him. Another event that will work against Buhari is the “Ghaddafi incident in Libya..many Nigerians sees alot of Ghadaffism” in General Buhari and will not put someone who might bomb them out of existence when provoked;afterwards they all come from the same military background…so what the hell are people talking about Nigerians in diaspora supporting Buhari. I love this guy but he is too old to handle Nigeria,s pressing problems.

  2. Awojobi Olakunle

    Buhari/Bakare ticket is indeed set to win at the first ballot.Happenings in Nigeria is making it clearer everyday that PDP and President Jonathan can nolonger rule this nation because of their corruption and inexperience.

  3. Dauda A. Gava

    I also stay outside Nigeria, but surely Buhari will never be a President in Nigeria again. It is not an issue of removing the immunity clause. There are many other things that are to be considered.

  4. Lexy

    As for me I thínk Buhari is the best candidate for us. This is a man who has no mansion to live inn. Since Buhari regime was topple there never be a good goverment. It pain me that their regime only did few months. I want Nigerians to know that there’s no country that developed on good luck, its hard working, honesty, dedication, fore sight, decipline & forsight etc. But for we to believe on good luck we are already failed. Now the north just have to forget about born to rule idea & let the right intelligient & know how person to there beside this we can never ever move to no where. Either christian or muslim so far the person is knowledgable & competent but without this we are bound to fail. No magic & no good luck. Shagari was rigged to rule us, Yar dua was rigged to rule us & both of them were not knowledgeable to rule us. North want some body that they would be using remote to control & this are some of our problems. Nigeria is not lucky to have good leaders the best we had was Buhari /Idiagbon. During their time I went to National stadium to watch a foot bal match and before the match they started singing our Anthem but to my suprised every body was singing the anthem & my head swell & I said to my self that the country is now another level of moving to a great stage. That time there was real decipline every where in the country then. Bus stop, Banks, etc you must see people line up for their turn. All the governors under Buharu were perfect doing the right. There was no any laxity or incompitency. The IBB came in every thing started to fall apart & up till today. Buhari time they always brief the masses how much they have paid to IMF & how much we have in our reserves & they do this quaterly. Since then there’s nothing like that again. Now we auditor general & goverment have never been audited for the past 15 years now, tell me is this a goverment or goverment of the looters & vagabon.We have to get things straight now Jonathan can’t handle our problems, the country is too hot for him to handle.

  5. Lexy

    Better stop to black mail Buhari, PDP now afraid cause Buhari said he will probe Jonathan & OBJ about all the money spent on electricity. Up till now we have no steady power. All the rogues now getting fear cause they know Buhari will do the right thing. Nigerians think think very well O, PDP have nothing to offer us O. They are looters. Let vote for Buhari he knows our sickness & he has the medications to cure our sickness O. Jonathan can not do any thing he’s a complete Joker.

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