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Pastor Chris' Christ EmbassyBy Nigerians Abroad staff writer

Famous international evangelical ministry known as Christ Embassy might have drown itself in a suicidal scandal that will hunt the faith base organization for years to come.

Following a Lagos based news media report of an extortion of N1000 gate fee from worshipers to participate in Christ Embassy’s 2010 New Year’s eve service, Nigerians have continued to react to what many now called an epitome of ungodly and corrupt act by the church, founded by popular televangelist, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

On December 31, 2010, worshipers who planed to celebrate the New Year, but failed to show their N1000 valued gate fee tickets were shocked and left confused when they were refused entry into Christ Embassy headquarter in Lagos.

A printed paper ticket meant to be an entry pass for interested worshipers has on it the following information: December 31st New Year’s eve service with Pastor Chris - One Service… Different Locations… Worldwide Impact! Time: 7pm, Venue: Loveworld Convention Arena - N1000.

Pastor ChrisIt was later gathered that the church had informed the more than 25,000 congregation who braced the N1000 gate fee that the charges was imposed to control the huge crowd that always besiege the church on such special service.

The scandal has resulted in a backlash from other religious leaders and concerned Nigerians. This includes respected religious figures such as Dr. Ola Makinde, the prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria and Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara, General Evangelist, Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide.

Dr Makinde laments on the commercialization of religion as an abuse of Christianity. He called it  a “sacrilege.”

Also reacting to the gate fee scandal, Prophet Abiara called the act as “unbiblical.”

“Collecting money as gate fee before a church service is unbiblical because there is nowhere in the Bible where it was recorded that Jesus collected money from the multitude that listened to His sermon and benefited from His Miracle… Salvation is free. You receive it free and you give it free,” he said.

This is not the first time that the success and conduct of Pastor Chris’ Christ Embassy has generated strong and divided reactions from members of the public. In December 2010, Nigeria anti-corruption agency, EFCC had invited Pastor Chris for questioning over a $35million money laundering allegations that involve the pastor’s church and its foreign partner.

In a country where governments have failed the people, some religious organizations have taken up the roles of humanitarian agencies, providing food, shelter and love to economically challenged Nigerians. For many, such is the role of religious organizations - to put smile on the face of the less privilege - as taught by Jesus Christ.

Notwithstanding the achievement recorded by such faith bases organizations, over the past two decades and across major Nigerian cities, there has been tremendous increase in the number of organized religious establishments, registered as an incorporated businesses. As a result, some opinion leaders have called for government to treat such religious organization as a business entity by imposing on them appropriate taxes.

As the controversy over Christ Embassy New Year’s eve gate fee scandal lingers on, many Nigerians hope that the church will come out and purify itself before being consumed by its self-inflicted controversy.

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17 Responses to “Pastor Chris’ Christ Embassy rocked with church gate fee scandal”

  1. I hope you have more than sufficient evidences to support this your publication.

  2. I dunno why it has taken people so long to figure out that chris is a cowboy pastor!

    He is using witchcraft in league with
    TB Joshua!

  3. I think is the right time for the goverment to TAX all these church owners. They are dubios elements & extorting people. Like Pastor JB Joshua & Co. They use black power, voodoo, against people. Nigerians watch out they are all fake using Gods name.

  4. Niyi Oparinde January 13, 2011

    The Bible has recorded it that in the last days people will be lovers of their own free will.
    Salvation was freely given and should be given out freely to those that willing not by extorting money from people.

  5. Chris Oyakhilome and his Church has disappointed us. This has never happened in this manner. We only experience such in veiled manners not like this. Dis won tu opun. Gate fee fo Church? Haba!

  6. Its hard for me to find useful blogs nowdays but when i saw this i knew i was in the right place, I finally have time to clean up the house.lol Your a lifesaver.

  7. this is very sad news :(

  8. Brown Eredia January 22, 2011

    The bible makes it very clear “by their fruits we shall know them” therefore,lets xtians be wary of where they seek their spiritual food from.

  9. I believe very soon people will finally know the truth

    For me I ‘ll remain CATHOLIC

  10. one with God February 3, 2011

    may the will of God be done every doing got it reasom for the best and for the bad so as you all Nigerian inhabitants calling God name every step in life if its so in mind .love peace unity could take as one in all let you all repent for the future of Nigerian the country is full of evil. going on all over may God redeem you all Amen

  11. Angel Izuagbe February 3, 2011

    I want us all to understand that Christ is our mentor, and its only when we place men in the place of Christ that we complain,our duty is to do good at all times, help those in need, and love one another, that way, we will not have time to focus on who is good or bad, judgement is for the Lord alone and whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall surely reap.

  12. Martin July 15, 2011

    Jesus was right when He said they will used all things to disgrace his Church, but it will not work. I am not surprised that the lies of 2003 did not teach you a lesson. Pastor Chris is Jesus of our generation, it doesn’t matter what people think. Whether you believe it or not,it does not change what God thinks of him. More you criticize him, more he moves forward. He is God’s choice.

  13. Exponent July 16, 2011

    Believe it or yes Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, PhD is God`s Voice… What you do not understand don`t discuss.

  14. chisom July 23, 2011

    This is absolutely not true. Because i was right there at the service and nothing of that nature happened. You should mind where you get your sources from please.

  15. @Chisom.What do you mean its not true? So the ticket that shows N1000 was forged? Nigerians are so funny and some are just dump. Fela said if you dey follow follow make you open eyes…Nigerians make una wake up. pastor dey fat, ride Bentley, flies jet etc while congregation dey suffer, ride molue.

  16. lister July 26, 2011

    Hi readers

    This may not be related to this article but I just thought I may get the opinions of other readers on a another issue related to this. It was surprising that people had to pay to get into Church but maybe and maybe there was a good reason for the decision.

    My issue is related to the recently held Cell Leaders Conference which was also broadcasted online to other Christ Embassy Churches. If anyone witnessed it or even if you didn’t, it was a shock for some of us who attended (the conference, which taught very little about being a leader) that there was live entertainment, which was very worldlike and sexual in nature with performances like of genres like salsa, rhumba dance (quiet explicit), ball room dancing and r”n”b dances. why and what was the relevance of such performances in what was supposed to be a praise and worship session. In addition to this the ladies were dressed in very short dresses typical of ladies that perform in a pub.

    I thought this was just one of those things and if I am to be judged to be carnal minded for pointing oout such things then people should think before the ydo anything sexual on a puplit. Then there was a recent occassion in Church at Randburg where there was was fashion/modelling show during a Church service. apparently this was to show the different ministries of the church like healing school etc. a lady (very skimply dressed and displaying sexuality) and a guy would model on a ramp that was erected from the pulpit. This was nuisating and for some married female members like me to watch have their husbands being exposed to such sexual displays AT CHURCH was just a shock. As if we do not have enough delaing with infidelity and AIDS in the Church.

    Why are such things happening in what is supposed to be a Church, salsa, rhumba, modelling whats next, pole dancing?

  17. Taimi Tom September 9, 2011

    what God says will never fail.chalenges are steping stone for promotion.whether you like pastor chris or not,the favour of god is upon him n he will continue to accomplish might things for the kingdom of GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!