About us

About us

Nigerians Abroad news magazineNigerians Abroad Magazine is a distinguish current affairs news and information magazine. We provide reliable insight and analysis on breaking news, politics, business, education, research, culture, arts & entertainment, travel and technology, especially as they affect Nigeria and Nigerians.

Our news media is always looking for new ideas, and welcomes queries and pitches from readers  and writers for both our website and magazine.

NA magazine is about advocacy, critique, solutions and celebration of everything Nigerian. We want to inspire Nigerians in diasporas to champion and shape the National socio-economic and political discourse by publishing resourceful information and engaging with societal institutions on matters that affect the country and its citizens.

NA magazine is above all a political and cultural medium.

ESTABLISHED: December 2008


LOCATION: Toronto, Canada

TOP COVERAGE BY COUNTRY: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Nigeria.

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