Writer’s Guide

Writer’s Guide

Placing your advert in Nigerians Abroad magazine assures you of reaching a growing consumer groups with wide range of interests.

Let us help you market your product and services - we know our market.

To advertise in the coming issue (December 2010)  email us at [email protected]

Nigerians Abroad magazine (print) is now accepting news article submission from individuals to be published in the magazine’s December issue.

Are you passionate about issues that affect Nigerians, especially within their diaspora hub? Are you a good and informed writer? Have you been looking for  a credible platform to reach out to thousands of audiences, Nigerians and non Nigerians alike? If your answers to these questions are yes, then it’s time to unleash your creativity and ideology. NA magazine would be pleased to receive your article for a review.

News articles for publication should focus on an issue, event, organization, person, project, policy, or place that is of public interest in any part of the world and that could be of benefit to Nigerians home and abroad.

Nigerians Abroad magazine is a current affairs magazine and our goal is to establish a platform where published articles and news analysis will directly or indirectly address and advance the interest  of the Nigerian diaspora community such as the Nigerian diaspora and their integration with mainstream communities, politics of nation building, business and entrepreneurial development, social-cultural relations, wise investment and career advancement.

Lastly, We welcome proposals from both experienced and inexperienced writers. We receive numerous queries for each issue, and often end up with more good ideas than the magazine can hold. If we like your pitch, we will decide whether it is best suited for the magazine or the NigeriansAbroadLive.com web site. Writing for the web site is an especially good opportunity for new writers who are looking to explore ideas and formats best suited for the digital world. Most articles that do not make it into the printed magazine will usually become part of the NigeriansAbroadLive.com web site upon the issue’s launch.


·        Consider under what category you would like to have your news article published. Writers are encouraged to read through past issues of NA magazine or visit our online portal (http://nigeriansabroadlive.com/)to get an idea of our content. Prospective news categories are: Politics, Business, Diaspora, World Affairs, Society, Careers, Technology, Travel, Culture, Arts and Entertainment.

·        Email a written proposal, along with a writing sample. The proposal should be long enough to include the angle, point of view, sources, and length. Please inform us if you have sent your proposal or manuscript to other publications. For the most part, Nigerians Abroad is only interested in previously unpublished work (for the print version).

·        The editorial committee will discuss your proposal. If it is accepted, you will be contacted by one of the editors upon which terms and reward will be negotiated. As we are constantly receiving new pitches from writers, this whole process often take a week, therefore, do not expect an immediate reply. If your proposal is not accepted, we will try our best to get back to you and let you know why.


Deadline for submission is Friday, November 12 2010

Maximum words count: 1250 (special consideration based on editor’s judgment will be giving to news article that might require additional words count)

This is a competitive section and prospective writers are expected to demonstrate originality, thorough knowledge of subject, creativity and captivating writing style(s).


Opinion: We also accept articles and news analysis in the category of opinion in any area of interest as deem appropriate to Nigerians Abroad magazine platform and brand.

Maximum word count: 750

Letter to the editor: This is a section where selected readers comments on topical news stories/issues are published.

Maximum word count: 200

Illustrations and Photos: Contact arts [email protected]

Also, we recommend that you take a look at our online news medium (www.nigeriansabroadlive.com) to get familiar with Nigerians Abroad magazine’s news model and contents.


·        Formula for a Well-Written News Article: http://www.media-awareness.ca/english/resources/educational/handouts/broadcast_news/news_article_formula.cfm

·        Nigerians Abroad magazine media kit: http://nigeriansabroadlive.com/Nigerians_%20Abroad%20_Magazine_%20Media_%20Kit.pdf


Editor: [email protected]

General Information: [email protected]

Nigerians Abroad is always looking for new ideas, and welcomes queries and pitches from writers for both our magazine and website.  Your suggestions, ideas and proposal are warmly welcome!

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