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Nigeria’s drug enforcement agency says it has arrested a politician who allegedly swallowed 2 kilograms (nearly 4.5 pounds) of cocaine to fund his election campaign.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said Monday it arrested 52-year-old Eme Zuru Ayortor at Lagos’ Murtala Mohammed International Airport. The agency says the pharmacist-turned-politician was trying to board a flight to Germany when a scanning machine detected an abnormality in his stomach.

Agents say they found 100 individually wrapped packages of cocaine inside his body. The agency says the politician claimed his failed 2007 run for the Edo state House of Assembly ruined him financially and smuggling drugs was the only way he could fund his 2011 election bid. He has yet to be charged.

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    4 Responses to “Pharmacist-turned-politician caught with bellyful of cocaine”

    1. Osa Okoro May 18, 2010

      The idiot has been smuggling drug. He just got caught. Let him rot in jail. Nigerian law enforcement need to wake up to their challenges.Where were they during Ibori’s escape from Nigeria to Dubai. Mr. Aliyu Gusau said it all when he told the nation that the Nigerian law enforcement is “selective in their operations. Many worst than Ibori are still running around with their threaten act to rule the country.

    2. Lamas May 18, 2010

      He is was once a smugular, before runing for an office.As you can see now that many of our so called ellected office holders are members of these ring. Be leanant with him by giving him 25yrs to life so others like him can learn some lesson. STOP DESTROYING NIGERIAN’S NAME FOR THE SOLE OF YOUR RICHIES.WORK LIKE EVERY OTHER NIGERIAN STRUGLING TO MAKE ENDS MEET.

    3. dedayo May 18, 2010

      lol…Even though i do not feel sorry for this man,the tale here is clear, Obviously the tale here is clear!..But then again, “only the person wen dem catch be teaf!”

    4. betylini May 20, 2010

      this bastard should be locked up dont you see his face what if he succeeded then you will have heartless murderers like this for a leader in 9ja….to the dungeon with his hide -shege