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Nigerian Chuka Ummuna of Labour PartyIt was all good news for the Nigerian community in UK as three of five Nigerian-Britons contesting in UK’s general election 2010 emerged victorious in UK’s toughest election  in more than three decades.

Chuka Umunna (Labour), Helen Grant (Conservative) and  Chi Onwurah (Labour) won their constituencies seats while Kemi Adegoke (Conservative) and  Abbey Akinoshun (Independent) were unfortunate.

Poll results as provided by BBC


Name Party Votes % +/-
Chuka Umunna Labour 20,037 42.8 -4.2
Chris Nicholson Liberal Democrat 16,778 35.8 +6.3
Rahoul Bhansali Conservative 8,578 18.3 +2.0
Rebecca Findlay Green 861 1.8 -3.7
Geoffrey Macharia Christian Party 237 0.5 +0.5
Janus Polenceus English Democrats 229 0.5 +0.5
Paul Lepper Workers Revolutionary Party 117 0.2 -0.1
Majority 3,259 7.0
Turnout 46,837 62.8 +11.0

Maidstone and Weald constituency

Name Party Votes % +/-
Helen Grant Conservative 23,491 48.0 -3.8
Peter Carroll Liberal Democrat 17,602 36.0 +13.2
Rav Seeruthun Labour 4,769 9.7 -12.6
Gareth Kendall UK Independence Party 1,637 3.3 +0.3
Stuart Jeffery Green 655 1.3 +1.3
Gary Butler National Front 643 1.3 +1.3
Heidi Simmonds Christian Party 131 0.3 +0.3
Majority 5,889 12.0
Turnout 48,928 68.9 +3.7

Dulwich and West Norwood

Name Party Votes % +/-
Tessa Jowell Labour 22,461 46.6 +2.3
Jonathan Mitchell Liberal Democrat 13,096 27.2 +4.0
Kemi Adegoke Conservative 10,684 22.2 -2.3
Shane Collins Green 1,266 2.6 -3.7
Elizabeth Jones UK Independence Party 707 1.5 +0.7
Majority 9,365 19.4
Turnout 48,214 66.2 +9.3

Newcastle Central, complete the list

Name Party Votes % +/-
Chi Onwurah Labour 15,692 45.9 -4.6
Gareth Kane Liberal Democrat 8,228 24.1 -3.4
Nick Holder Conservative 6,611 19.4 +2.8
Ken Booth British National Party 2,302 6.7 +6.7
Martin Davies UK Independence Party 754 2.2 +2.2
John Pearson Green 568 1.7 -2.2
Majority 7,464 21.9
Turnout 34,155 56.4 -0.1

Erith and Thamesmead constituency

Teresa Pearce Labour 19,068 44.9 -7.7
Colin Bloom Conservative 13,365 31.5 +5.0
Alexander Cunliffe Liberal Democrat 5,116 12.0 -0.8
Kevin Saunders British National Party 2,184 5.1 +0.9
Pamela Perrin UK Independence Party 1,139 2.7 -1.1
Laurence Williams English Democrats 465 1.1 +1.1
Abbey Akinoshun Independent 438 1.0 +1.0
Sid Cordle Christian Peoples Alliance 379 0.9 +0.9
Marek Powley Green 322 0.8 +0.8
Majority 5,703 13.4
Turnout 42,476 60.8 +7.1


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18 Responses to “UK Election: Nigerian Chuka Umunna wins Streatham seat”

  1. 9ja representing!

  2. Obinna Ibole May 7, 2010

    Bravo our brothers and sister. Your success shows the name Nigeria is becoming something to reckon with.
    Please keep our Flag neat. We wish the best of service to your various constituency.
    Good luck and God guide.

  3. Salisu Hapijo May 7, 2010

    I trust Nigerians to excel and stand out where ever they may be. By home soil orientation they are very hospitable and hardworking people.Example… The world over they do well in peacekeeping and their Technical Aid Corps are in hot demand even by USA! But today the challenge is… Come back home and help build a New Nigeria…PLEASE!

  4. If what their experiences could be brought to bear here in future, it will be nice. Congrats!

  5. Diallo Delavegas May 7, 2010

    Keep it up. Share your skills and influence.
    Nigeria is on the move to recovery

  6. Lawson May 8, 2010

    9ja,we 2much.nyc one folks.wish u a successful stay in office

  7. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  8. Well, good for you guys in the UK and US. I wish you well as you continue to make wave in another man’s land. But remember, the names you bear do not sound British nor American. They sound Nigerian. It is not enough for you guys in Europe and America to form committees or groups - only to discuss the Nigerian problem. It is not enough to send dollars and pounds to your uncles and nephews in order to keep them above the waters. I am waiting for a day when the so called men and women in diaspora would come home and say enough is a enough; when they would come and match to Aso Rock and declare a no change no movement - like the orange revolution in Ukraine. Until you guys do things of this nature, we will continue to laugh at your achievements in another man’s land. In fact, some of you ought to do more for Nigeria because some of you were trained with funds stolen from the poor in Nigeria. Remember, Ojukwu, Ogunaike, Oke, Adu, do not sound British nor American.

  9. Anichebe c July 6, 2010

    Yes we may be inperfect, but we re strong. Though not as a nation but as a people. God will accomplish his programm in nigeria.

  10. It is good to see and appreciate what you and your parents labored for come to fruitation. May the LORD continue to protect you all. There is a reason to smile about your achievement in London and more than ever,and I am even happier that you made us to know that every Nigerian in London is not like Bankole aka bank oleole,the chief of alibabas in Nigeria,who only came to London to perfect with his home grown crooks the act of stealing,looting and public/open street fighting/ boxing. Remain blessed and bravo.

  11. Reply Sister Ify, I can understand where your coming from,be it known to you that most of us living and working overseas were not born with silver spoon, nor benefited from looted money. I work for New york City agency and drove taxi to put myself through college. It’s because of our write up’s that American Government are about to stop giving visa to these ali babas,so be patient the arrow is already in the fire and we will come home soon.

  12. Segun Bombata August 10, 2010

    To ify, we would like to come home and help in building or re-building of our homeland, ask those that came back home, most of them are hamstrung by the ineptitude of the ingrained bureaucracy, they are not allowed to use the talents learned and obtained abroad they get frustrated by overbearing and less qualified bosses. Do you know that Nigerians in the United States has taken over the top ranking from Asians as the most highly educated group; Most did it by lasing up their bootstraps not by been born with a silver spoon in their mouth. We worked very hard for that distinction.

  13. Christian Ezeh August 14, 2010

    well done you guys all there.GOD bless you guys.is good to work together for outside country.i am in india and people’s here are doing well.i know is not easy but GOD is over run in everything.let us take this oppourtuninty to look our country Nigeria.we are flighting our right here india.everybody will come home with peace of mind.i know that all is well.AMEN.

  14. Adetola Haruna (USA) August 30, 2010

    Please we would like to come home but we are planning to work things out, so that we can clean all the mess crated by all the theifs called politicians.We worked very hard to gain good education and we are ready to give back to our nation,our community and our families.In a short time Nigeria will be blessed.Pray for us always and God will bless all Nigerians at home and abroad.

  15. O Adeniyi August 31, 2010

    If you had contested in Nigeria, definitely you would not have won or contested because only bad people contest and win in Nigeria, the only skill you need to contest there is to know how to loot, no political agenda no ideology, just loot, loot and nothing to offer the suffering masses.
    But we will keep praying for days of evil to end in Nigeria, so that her sons and daughters will not be serving foreign authorities, the skills of Nigerians will no longer be wasted, and her youth will not be wasted or killed in foreign land because they have imbibed corruption from their leaders and they now practise what they have inherited from their leaders.

    Good Nigerians, keep the green, white and green flag flying, one day righteousness will overcome evil, bright light will overcome total darkness that has enveloped our lovely country.

  16. Blessed AOC Nwakpuda topeka kansas USA September 3, 2010

    Thanks for all the good news about my country folks that are doing tremendously pretty well outside Nigeria.There are three countries that I considered most blessed;Nigeria,United States of America and Canada… sorry I am not looking down on other countries.Thanks fellow compatriots lets keep the green-white-green flag flying high in our hearts and by our actions.Lets continue to work harder to stop thieves and embezzlers of our national wealth from starching Nigeria,s fund in anywhere in the world.Expose these criminals and thieves and lets help reconstruct our beloved nation where from the border Town of Seme every tree is so greenish and where every landscape is so very fertile….and the folks are so very friendly and where laughter is so genuine and real .I love this country men.

  17. Name (required) December 24, 2010


  18. Hon, Ichie, Elder M A Ogaraku January 15, 2011

    Big thanks to the self made Nigerian Ambassadors to some europe and Amerecan continantes, I said some because i knew there are yet places where this bareaS has not broken either bcs of local bareas or inadequate nature of our citizens there, it is a right effort in the right direction, Any time any body comes from America or Europe and talks about bad government down home / here, the responce / reactions of our resident politicians has always been, return there only to wash plates, But where there are an achivements of this nature, it is worth our recomendations and appriciation,
    please more greese to your elbow, practice makes way for experience, the much needed in Nigeria today.