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AHUSC graduate pose with University President Prof. Tony Ogiamien.

AHUSC graduate pose with University President Prof. Tony Ogiamien. Credit: AHUSC

American Heritage University of Southern California (AHUSC) marked its 7th Annual Graduation Ceremony June 4th, 2011 at its main campus in San Bernardino. The convocation was held at the Courtyard Square, located in front of San Bernardino City Hall by the main campus.

At the ceremony were representatives from San Bernardino City government and officials from adjoining City of Riverside. A representative from the police department also attended in addition to a coterie of members of San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce.

The colorful event, which took off with a display from Cub Scout, Webelos 1 of the Boys Scout of America, was described by AHUSC officials as a landmark considering the spread of nationalities of the graduating students. They came from four continents, Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. “It was the first time we assembled a cross-section of graduating students from different affiliate campuses at the main campus in the United States.”

AHUSC president, Prof Tony Ogiamien said, “It has been a journey for the Faculty and Staff of AHUSC to achieve this feat in its unique emphasis in Cross-Border education as envisioned by UNESCO. This graduation was a milestone for us and we hope to build on it. The logistics and coordination was enormous, he said. “Our affiliates were so cooperative in organization and in getting their students for the trip to California.”

The keynote speaker, Carl Dameron, told the graduating students to always be optimistic even in the face of troubling economy. He reminded them that the world economy has always been on a roller coaster and it now happens to be on a downward slide. Dameron said these are good opportunities to create the future. “No one can predict the future but it is on record that when our economy is down that brilliant, educated people with determination launch the next phase of development.” He cited the emergence of computers, the dotcom explosion and the current use of smart phones, iPods, and iPads.

Dameron fuither challenged graduating students to look for find markets that are underserved and serve them or create a market that does not exist. Don’t despair, he said, because their future has unlimited opportunities.

The AHUSC president, Ogiamien in his own words paid tribute to San Bernardino city officials for their support, San Bernardino Community, the Chamber of Commerce and other elected officials who he said have dedicated their time and energy to ensure that the whole of Inland Empire business environment thrives.

Students with Prof. Phil Drucker, dean AHUSC  Law Faculty in the middle.

AHUSC graduates pose with Prof. Phil Drucker (Middle), dean AHUSC Law Faculty. Credit: AHUSC

AHUSC Graduate student being awarded certificate

AHUSC Graduate student being awarded certificate. Credit: AHUSC

AHUSC graduate student

AHUSC graduate student pose fro photograph. Credit: AHUSC


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