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By Nigerians Abroad news wire

A group that proclaimed itself  to be  against Islamic education has warned the Nigerian federal government and other governmental institutions of a swift reprisal attack across the country, if governments at all levels fail to take emergency measures against frequent bombing of religious centers in northern region of Nigeria.

In an anonymous statement made available to Nigerians Abroad Live on Wednesday with a signature that bears “Southern Mandate”, the group draws the attention of the President, Goodluck Jonathan, Nigerian lawmakers, governors of Nigeria’s 36 States, the diplomatic community and the media to increasing wave of targeted terror attacks in parts of the country, especially against Christians from south of the country.

Boko Haram, an Islamist terrorist group with links to extremists that operate from Chad and Niger Republic (both countries border Nigeria from the North) have claimed responsibilities for frequent targeted bombings and gun attacks that have caused the death thousands of Nigerians — men, women and children.  The group’s latest major attack was on the Nigerian Police Force Headquarters in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

Boko Haram is demanding for the abolition of western education and lifestyle in all Northern states of the country and the full implementation of Sharia law in Nigeria.

We are by this communique declaring “that those Northern elements behind the killings and destruction of lives and properties belonging to Christians should be prosecuted within the next 30 days or we will carry out mass killings of people and families of northerners in our region from Lagos to the middle belt,” Southern Mandate threatened.

The southern Mandate with a Menora -  a seven-branched candelabrum that is widely identify with the Jewish people — emblem also rejects the planed implementation of Islamic banking and called for the abolishment of Islamic education.

Although, the Nigerian government and security agents have promised to take urgent measures to address heightened insecurity and terror acts, many Nigerians remain skeptical.

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    7 Responses to “Boko Haram: Rival group gives ultimatum, threatens reprisal attack”

    1. Do u think Boko haram are only after christain or southeners? No, u don’t really understand who Boko Haram are. Wit dis all utterances u people forgettin what happen in Niger Delta, ok, they are from your side that’s why they are always right. Pls don’t wait 4 the next 30 days and do your worse.

    2. d Failure of the combined Armed forces & Police in Nigeria to suppress the Boko Haram menace will give rise to more dissident groups & guerilla resistance. Surely, the afflicted Christians & Southerners in northern Nigeria can’t be expected to always turn the other cheek forever. We are heading for the Darfur crisis ..with its attendant solution. There ‘s no other way…

    3. Blessed AOC Nwakpuda Topeka Kansas USA June 24, 2011

      I am a Nigerian who grew up in Nigeria, though I am an Ibo (mostly of Jewish extraction),I love this great country where from the desert lands of Kano and hot town of Jimeta Yola, to the great Delta region of Akassa Island where I did my NYSC to the Southern Border town of Seme..in Badagry, the lands are so fertile, the people are very friendly and indeed forgiving, still there are serious issues which we have suppressed over time.
      When I lived in Lagos, we had series of times when there was no power cuts and then there was the erratic power supply and then the rot in the system and massive corruption that was celebrated openly …what do you expect, some youths twenty seven years and below have never seen a good man being recognized in their communities in Nigeria…what does that tell us…this goodland is full of decay that some of us were forced to get out before we are either infested or made to jump into the bandwagon of these buses of corruption….so because some of the few who brazed up to check and confront these decay in our political and economic lives took the wrong steps according to their own understanding which might not be the best option, they were branded as one thing or the other.These people,s argument is that with all the western education accumulated and acquired by the Northern elites, how has they used it to transform or modified or helped to eliminate poverty and vices in the society? Understanding Boko Haran and their concepts could help the government make the necessary changes that will transform our beloved nation.The western educated Northern elites has pauperized the majority of the Northern population who are predominately illiterates.
      Honestly , the Norhn which has undernourished the nation for many decades has a very serious problem. Just take a look at all the past leaders that the North has produced for the country, what did they do to put food on the average Nigerian up country…killing these folks to keep the system of looting in government going is not going to solve the problems that the country is experiencing right now..all that is needed is doing what is right which may sound strange, prosecuting all the thiefs in all nooks and crannies of Nigeria will go a long way to stop this Boko Haram group or whatever they call themselves. Another point is making government /politicians earn what they worth..let us slash their salaries and allowances by half…”service and sacrifice” for the nation for a decade…this will weed out all the profiteering law makers…only individuals who love the nation and are willing and ready to make sacrifices for Nigeria should find themselves in government.There should be a downward review of all the salaries and allowances of all political office holders starting from the president to the local government councilors this will help remind the nation that Nigerians are ready to do whatever it takes to rebuild this nation and believe me all bombings will die naturally.
      Besides,this nation needs a sovereign National Conference”SNC” where we will all decide if we want to live in peace or if some nationalities that make up Nigeria wants to break…we are sick and tired of threats and counter threats coming from Africa,s largest and most prosperous nation called Nigeria.

    4. nwaokorie June 25, 2011

      I believe that SNC is the only solution to the Nigerian problems. Each region should be granted some degree of autonomy and should be allowed to control and manage their God-given resources.

    5. pls am begging the governmnt to quickly employ military intelligence,well trained anti terrorism secrete military intelligence officers to fish out these unsympathetic group called boko haram instead of using guns and armoured tankers to shoot at pple. Its not a matter of force and shooting, its a matter of intelligent detecting and secrete investigations

    6. Ekele amechi July 21, 2011

      If boko haran claim they want a nation free from corruption and poverty were the country have the resources to food her citizen then they are right and wrong.the killing of innocent citizen is inhuman and such should be brought to book. We all know those who are the leaders of corruption in nigeria. They should be the target of boko haran not the innocent masses. They begining from all the past leader that are still parading their self as godfsther apart these reason it is high time nigeria should divid we will surely stand.so that those who want islamic education can have it with killing any one beside that nigerian is too big for one person to govern.when sobody is fighting for right you should have reason for that not rise up one morning and start killing human being like animal. I cann‘t see my relative being slouter like u said i should come for peace making or compasation. We better separet now or war for ever.

    7. We have a problem in this country. The problem is leadership. Be it political leadership,religious or leadership in our security machinery. Lets wake up, now!!!