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By Nigerians Abroad staff writer

It was an embarrassing moment for many Czechs around the world when  a news video of their President, Vaclav Klaus, caught pocketing a ceremonial pen during his state visit to Chile went viral on the web.

At a news conference, held jointly with Chilean President Sebastian Pinera,  the  news video - posted below - “shows Klaus admiring the pen, then slowly moving it into one of his jacket pockets.”

In a swift reaction to the embarrassing video, the president staffers claim that the president had the right to take the pen as it is customary to walk a way with pen from a signing ceremony.

Is the Czech president a kleptomaniac?


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One Response to “Czech Rep. President caught ‘stealing pen’ on live TV”

  1. Now that Nigerians have choosing their president & the smilling &suffering would continue. This is a big lesson to Northerners mostly ciroma and others. The north did caurse their problem because right from day one they have been vitimising & intimidate Jonathan cause of Yardua. I believe this is why people voted for Jonathan. The north treated Jonathan badly. I love Buhari cause his the only man who can put the country on the right track. He’s very honest & straight forward person but some people started to black mail him for nothing. Nigeria would continue to have Dommy & Zombie leader & this would never ever make the country move forward. As Jonathan is the president I hope the looting would continue till thy kindom come. This is Nigeria where nothing work. Let continue our smilling & suffering & there should be no complain of any thing cause we got what we want.