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Late Nigerian president Umaru Musa Yar'AduaNigerians Abroad staff writer

Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday, pays tribute to his late predecessor, Umar Musa YarA’dua , who died exactly a year a go after a prolong illness.

In a message posted on the president official Facebook page, Jonathan eulogizes the late Nigerian statesman — whom he refers to as  a friend and a brother — for his service to the country.

“My late great leader, Umaru Musa YarA’dua died a year ago today and though he went too soon, he left an indelible record of service and modeled the expected behaviour of that type of statesman Africa needs to get from where she is to where she ought to be,” Jonathan states.

For a period of 3 months, the absence of late YarA’dua — due to treatment he was receiving in Saudi-Arabia — and failure to formally transfers power to his then deputy, now President Jonathan, resulted into nationwide protest from prominent civil societies.

Back in May 2011, the death of YarA’dua threw the country, the ruling People’s Democratic Party in particular, into confusion and bitter political rivalry, among  his party power brokers from the northern and southern regions of the country.

Although, the real causes of YarA’adua death remain a close guarded state secret, some medical observers have dismissed diagnosis that reported pericarditis as the cause of death and suggest a severe ailment that causes failure of the immune system.

Wikileaks in January, revealed a United States diplomatic cables that claimed that the Late YarA’dua had a kidney transplant in 2002, while still a  governor of Katsina State, in North-West, Nigeria.

“Today, I, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,  pray for the repose of the soul of our late leader and again expresse Nigeria’s appreciation to the family he left behind for the selfless leadership he provided this great nation. May God bless his soul and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

Jonathan, who is now concluding his seven days vacation at Obudu Mountain Resort in Calabar, recently won the country’s presidential election for a term of 4 years and is expected to be sworn in on May 29th.

Late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua was buried on May 6th 2010 in accordance to Islamic rights.

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    2 Responses to “Late YarA’dua was a great leader says President Jonathan”

    1. BiafraSon June 5, 2011

      Hypocrite! Even after tossing you and over 150 Million people around like fools, humiliating you and their so-called PDP, and House of ‘Looters’ buffoons that travel all the way to Saudi Arabia without arrangement, and waste billions with not one asking questions… coming (As they said, all we know here was that the sick man died in December 2010), yet the ‘Lady Macbeth’ Turai could not even allowed you to see your so-called ‘oga’! Jonathan be true to yourself, don’t fool yourself too much if you want to last! Start calling a spade a spade! How much does Turai and family looted while they were playing hide and seek game with a long dead diseases infested man, that love power so much he could not let go while he could?
      Well, we all know that you will not care to probe that, because not probing it will give you the chance for you and your gang to loot your own, while telling the ‘hypnotized’ Nigerians what they want to hear! Hope!
      Yar’ Adua is am epitome of selfishness, power drunk, greed, hypocrites and insane!
      Your late great leader indeed! God forbid the level of hypocrisy that run in that God forsaken ‘geographical expression called Nigeria!
      In a serious country all his family members should be in jail or even in a more severe punishment now for attempting to destroy the lives of over 150 Million people intentionally and without remorse!
      Where on earth has a serious or real country use a foreign media as a channel of choice in relaying message to his people like your so called ‘great leader’ did. Was that not enough reason for you is you are serious to initiate a probe, or don’t you think that such precedence may be your portion tomorrow??
      Please, start the process of breaking up that mess, I am you are aware that your people will never forgive you if finish without giving them independence from madness called ‘Nigeria’, Igbos will not forgive you either, because they are the ones that made it possible for you to be there (You may dispute that if you like).

    2. frank cole September 24, 2011

      I don’t why this man call Jonathan like to deceive him self. Don’t ever think you can continue to deceiver us. Why always say Yar dua was a good leader,upon all the wrong things he did to you. You are not a man of your self. You are not acting as a Proffesor,you are a let down. Idont thing, you know what you are doing. You have disapoited millions of Nigerians. You have failed woefully, I think you must be a fake and con man in.disguise.