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Lagos  State task forceBy Augustine Akhilomen

Unarguably one of Nigeria’s most exciting, fabulous, socio-cultural and vibrant cities, Lagos State stands to be the very best. Without mincing words, Lagos State has proven to be the center of excellence where different tribes, religion and languages congregate together under the same umbrella of unity, love, harmony and peace since her creation.

Besides, her population of seventeen million is an indication of her capacity to accommodate Nigerians within and in Diaspora without leaving behind foreigners, who also come to share from the serene atmosphere, mineral and natural richness endowed to us by Almighty God.

The administrative impact in ensuring that Lagos State becomes a center of attraction globally through the State Governments efforts towards making it a mega city is another innovative and inventive programme meant to create an open
ground for all and sundry irrespective of your race and background.

However, a city that was thought to be a land where milk and honeys flows, is gradually becoming a pain in the neck for some Lagosians, as they can hardly go about their normal business without being accosted by either the LASTMA or some illegal Lagos State Task Force officials over laws that the constitution don’t even recognize.

To be frank, LASTMA constitutes the major problem affecting Lagos State, based on the fact that they have gone beyond exercising their primary responsibilities of managing traffic into law enforcement. They have made it a money-making venture where instead of directing, controlling and monitoring the flow of traffic, they delve into arresting violators of traffic rules by accident or incident thus unsuspecting people are forced into paying some money before they release such vehicles.

Then I ask, what are the primary duties of LASTMA and the traffic warders in Lagos State?

By all standards, LASTMA, though under the guidance of Lagos State Government does not have right to prosecute motorists directly or indirectly. By so doing, they have made life difficult for the motorists most especially the commercial
motorists who always fall victim in their hands.

Additionally, the Lagos State Task Force officials though have duly discharged their responsibilities judiciously, by way of ensuring that our environment is devoid of street hawking and littering of waste products on our roads is one major landmark for them. However, the extent of their improper conduct in the society is gradually overshadowing their good deeds. The task force official now issues tickets ranging from N50-N100 to anyone hawking on the street or in market places is unjust and unacceptable.

Are all these supposed to be our major priorities when on a very good day there are hide-outs where miscreants have turned into a reserved ground for committing evil deeds?

By and large, I beckon on Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola to come out and address this issue before it becomes a pain on his neck.

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2 Responses to “LASTMA AND KAI: Unending exploitation of Lagosians”

  1. hey reader, my question is that why people always say the bad side of lastma, nobody has ever talk about the good side of this co lastma, cos around s/l at bode-thomas about four month ago this lasta of duty then really surprise me. i’ve a flat tyre n my car has course a very long traffic and this two lastma got there firstly they ask me to go inside my car back inorder to push it off the road so to allow other road user to move freely, and they were there controllin the traffic till the last vehicle can run atleast 100km/per u understand what i mean the road that is block suddenly free within a short time, so after changing to the spear tyre i got i called this two gentlmen i talk to them pray for them exchange phone numbers, suddenly this naval men just came thinking this two lastma have arrest me he just push one of the lastma men ask them to leave immidiately you know i have to come down from my car and xplain to the naval man that they are just friend to me…..now assuming i’ve left there and the naval saw them that they are coming what did u think will happen???….his mind was that they have took money from me. so people please dont just let us be condeming this lastma to the govt let also talk about the good side of em.

  2. I am provoked to write on LASTMA’S work on Lagos road.I am living with a mark on my face caused by a LASTMA member’s corp.I resided in Us and i went visisting my own country Nigeria in 2009 DEC. and boarded a bus from Oyingobo to Ketu. Just by Ogudu we entered into a treibble traffick,which at first i was appreciating their efforts and commending them as the traffick was moving gradually,not knowing it was gonna be the most regretable day in my life.Within a twinkle of an eye,the traffick became stand still. Everyone was trying to make their ways.Sadly,when it was the turn of the vehicle i boarded to move,a memeber of the LASTMA CORP rushed to the front of the vehicle with the mind that the driver was gonna stop.But unfortuniately,he did not.The LASTMA GUY struck the side wind shied of the vehicle where I was sitting with the baten in his hand,broke the Glass which entered directly into my for head.The Driver stoped immediately as i was bleeding heavilly to comlpaint.The Guy (LASTMA)took to his heels and talking with the boss on ground,he told me told rudely without any sysmpathy to rush myself to the hospital,afterall U are an AMREICANA due to my accent.I left the place and rushed to DAFE HOSPITAL to i remove the glass and stictched up the wound.Are right,right in absolute?In fareness,you don’t treat your fellow humanbeing like this,therefore i think they don’t worth being on roads.They are there jeopardising the life of the innocent citizens.It was me then,who knows how many after me like that.