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By NAL staff writer

There is a strong indication that Nigeria’s incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan may not seek re-election in 2015, when the country is due to go the poll for another round of general election.

The strongest indication, so far, is contained in a statement made public and published on the president official website on Tuesday. In the statement, the president sought to propose a constitution amendment that will allow elected politicians to serve only one term as oppose two terms, as currently contained in the country’s constitution.

The president stated that a single term tenure for the “office of the President and that of the Governors” has become necessary due to the unacceptable level of “political unrest, the desperation for power and the overheating of the polity” being witnessed in Africa’s largest democracy.

The statement further reads that, “Whatever single-term tenure that is enacted into law by the National Assembly will take effect from 2015.” And “If the proposed amendment is accepted by the National Assembly, the President assures that he will not in any way be a beneficiary.

The president’s statement therefore leaves him out as a potential candidate in 2015.

The nomination and election of President Jonathan, a southerner, just over about 3 months ago generate heated controversy within the ranks of chieftains of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic party, who were divided over the section of the country that has the right to occupy the presidency.

If president Jonathan decided to run in the  next general election, it will be the first of any Nigerian political leader at the highest political office, voluntarily. This may also heighten the hope for fairer election process in 2015. The problem is that many Nigerians have learn not to take the words of their politicians with a iota of truth and therefore suspects every  action to contain ulterior motives.


Do you  trust President Goodluck  Jonathan  single term proposal and dismissal of tenure elongation plan? Leave us your comments, reactions and opinions.

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    1. afor esther August 24, 2011

      wel if that is his promise, but i no that winners never quite if this one is okey for him to deliver what he have for this country development then he can go.Rome was not built in a day.